5 Best Canadian Based TV Shows

When we think of North American TV shows, we usually think of those that were produced in the USA. Some of them, like Arrow, are just filmed in Canada. Yet, there are also numerous all-Canadian TV shows that can stand beside the US ones in terms of quality.

The following list can go on almost indefinitely. However, we’ve decided to cherry-pick shows that we consider the gems of Canadian television history.


Continuum Canadian science-fiction TV

When it comes to the Canadian science-fiction TV series, it’s hard not to mention this futuristic heartstopper.

The tense plot follows a group of terrorists who travel back in time from the year 2077. They find themselves in 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia, after escaping their death sentence. Soon after, they continue their campaign to stop the corporations from replacing the government in the future.

Yet, they aren’t aware that someone else has also traveled back in time with them. Kiera Cameron, a law enforcement officer from the future, joins the 2012 Vancouver Police Department in order to thwart their plans.

The show was created by Canadian screenwriter Simon Barry, and it stars Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron. She is supported by Victor Webster as Vancouver Police Department detective Carlos Fonnegra. Continuum ran originally on Showcase for four seasons, from 2012 to 2015.

The Curse of Oak Island

the curse of oak island reality show

What secrets lie at the bottom of the Oak Island Money Pit? Many Canadians have been wondering this since The Curse of Oak Island premiered in 2014. This is a reality television series that airs on the History network. It features the investigations of the Oak Island Money Pit.

The show follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina from Kingsford, Michigan, who are trying to find long-lost artifacts on Oak Island. Yet, the main accent is usually on the infamous Oak Island Money Pit.

The brothers became fascinated with the Restall family’s investigation of the Oak Island Money Pit, and years later, they decided to continue their work. Finally, Prometheus Entertainment approached them and offered them to do a reality TV show.

The show currently has 6 seasons. The 7th is yet to be announced.

Orphan Black

orphan black official poster

It seems as though clones have been a major TV plot device during the years, from evil soap opera doppelgangers to their more mechanical sci-fi counterparts. Orphan Black also tackles this subject and takes it to a new level. The critics have praised the show’s acting and writing. It has also been nominated for multiple awards like the Golden Globe and Emmy.

The plot follows Sarah Manning. She is a con artist who witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks just like her. She assumes her identity and starts to put the pieces of the puzzle in place. The plot thickens soon after. Because of that, if we reveal anything else, we’ll just spoil many goodies that follow.

The show was created by director John Fawcett, and it stars Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning. The show originally ran on SPACE in Canada for five seasons, from 2013 to 2017. Furthermore, a sequel called After the Black started to air during the original show’s third season.


Heartland Season 11 poster

Heartland is a heartwarming drama television series based on the Heartland books by Lauren Brooke. The show is the longest-running one-hour drama in Canada. It celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. Its 12th season premiered in January 2019.

The series follows sisters Lou and Amy Fleming and the ups and downs of life at a ranch. Through 12 seasons, many intriguing plotlines intertwine. So, if you’re up for some family-style drama, we highly recommend that you binge this one.

The series premiered on CBC in October 2007. It stars Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Michelle Morgan, and Shaun Johnston.

The Kids in the Hall

the kids in the hall funny poster

Every Canadian has heard of The Kids in the Hall. Comedians Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Scott Thompson, and Mark McKinney formed this sketch comedy group in 1984. They landed their own TV show of the same name in 1989, which ran originally on CBC and HBO.

The show consists of sketches that remind us of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. It is surreal, quirky, and downright hilarious. It features a myriad of different characters, including recurring ones like Mr. Tyzik. He pretends to crush people’s heads from a distance with his bare fingers.

Meanwhile, The Chicken Lady, a human-chicken hybrid, is also notable for her shrill voice. We must mention the misogynistic Cabbage Head too, who’s also poor-mannered and sexist.

The Kids also appear as themselves. What’s more, some sketches even deal with them producing the show.

The show aired until 1995. The Kids later went on to other projects like the 1996 movie Brain Candy and 2010 mini-series called Death Comes to Town.

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