Best Independent Films of 2012

Every other day, trailers announcing blockbusters will come splashing via our tubes, leaving anticipation and eagerness in their wake.

Without a doubt, big budget films orchestrated on million-dollar sets in the bowels of Hollywood are a force to reckon with.

This is because a huge budget in the film industry means more money to invest in visual effects and other whatnots that adds to the juice. But that is only one side of the coin.

There is a different breed film makers who believe that the major studio system isn’t fit for their artistic vision. This breed of film makers is perfectly okay with small budgets, limited releases, and smaller audiences.

This, however, does not mean their productions aren’t worth the salt. Some independent films such as the Paranormal Activity were a huge hit, with the film grossing over $190 million across the U.S. alone.

The rest of this article runs down 5 great independent films of 2012 so far. When possible, the sections in this article will provide as much details about the films, including the film’s category, cast, director and release dates.

Sleepless Night

Written by Nicolas Saada and Frederic Sardin, and directed by the latter, this indie theatrical casts talented acts Joey Starr, Birol Ulnel, Julien Boisselier, Laurent Stocker and Tomer Sisley.

Sleepless Night, which is rated A- in the theatrical releases category by Criticwire, was released on May 11, 2012 by film distribution company Tribeca Film. From the film synopsis, the plot is about a cop who turns his town upside down in a bid to rescue his abducted son.

The story is filled with drama as the lead tear through nightclubs, drug dealers, and corrupt cops in a passionate show of father-son love.

The Island President

Directed by Jon Shenk and casting President Mohamed Nasheed, Ahmed Naseem, Ahmed Shaheed, Mark Lynas, Mohamed Aslam and Paul Roberts, The Island President is a captivating political documentary that pits President Mohamed in a pool of twisting challenges.

In an unprecedented twist of turns characteristic of Jon Shenk, it takes President Mohamed 20 years to win the presidency in the Maldives, only to face an unexpected challenge: saving his fellow islanders from rising seas. The film was released in May, 2012.


For an indie film, Graceland made quite the cut. Put together by renowned writers Ron Morales, Dido de La Praz and Leon Miguel amongst others, this foreign language feature film casts Arnold Reyes playing the role of a chauffeur to a notorious Filipino politician.

In an unpredictable plot, thugs mistakenly kidnap his daughter in an ambush to kidnap his employer’s daughter. The story speaks of a man so determined to rescue his daughter he isn’t prepared to stop at anything. At the end of the day, the plot leaves no single person innocent.


Written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, Extraterrestrial is a Top Festival Premiere film released in March 23, 2012. Though rated C by CriticWire, the film features talented actors Julian Villagran, Carlos Areces, Miguel Noguera, Raul Cimas and Michelle Jenner.

The plots gets exciting right from the moment perfect strangers Julia and Julio wake up next to each other, hung-over and groggy from a night well spent and unaware of an alien invasion that had taken place. This is a masterpiece from Nacho Vigalondo, who managed to blend sci-fi, black comedy and romance into one brilliant film.


Directed by Ben Wheatley and written by Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, Sightseers is about Tina, a young girl who always lived a secluded life with an overly possessive mother. This is the order of the day until Chris shows up and takes her on a tour to England.

It is a refreshing change for Tina, who derives a great deal of relish from travelling in Chris’ caravan. However, the dream is short-lived as events tornado out of control in a film that casts both of its writers. Ben Wheatley put effort into the film no doubt, and the result is amazing. Sightseers was released for theaters on September 25, 2012.


There you have it, 5 best independent films of 2012. If you are into indie films, or just want to add life to your film collection, these are great films to go for. There are many out there, but this list ought to get you going.

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