Political Activism in World Cinema

cinemaPolitical Activism in World Cinema in a natural progression of expression. Many film makers, actors, writers and producers have their own political activist agendas apart from their film careers. So it is not surprising that they would use the film medium to further political causes. Activism in film is presented in documentary form or in fiction.

Most of us are familiar with documentaries that cover the history of a political event, interview key players and intellectuals or even cover an event itself like a demonstration or the enactment of a law.

These documentaries are created after the fact, as a film version of history. But cinema can also be use to fuel and push political activism. Documenting an ongoing struggle and using the film as an educational piece with pleas for action from the audience in the end.

These types of films have an agenda and are created to be highly persuasive to capture the emotions and sympathy of the audience.

In fiction, political activism can be presented by presenting a fictional future or past dystopia, or a world where the worst can happen. For instance, presenting a world where biodiversity no longer exists and humans are the only living creatures left.

Such a world came about because humans neglected and destroyed their environment without care or thought. This wanton destruction created a future that is dim with despair. These dytopias end badly, serving as a warning to the audience to change their views and their ways in respect to conserving the environment, pushing the point of a political agenda.

The opposite can also be done in cinema, presenting the audience with an extreme utopia. A world where a certain political event succeeded and the world has changed for the better.

Utopia fiction is popular in advertising or pushing religious sects and cults. You can imagine how people would be attracted to the idea of such a perfect world. But such utopian fiction presents little tension and makes for poor story telling. Unless a dark side is presented.

Cinema is a powerful medium that can be use to entertain and introduce new ideas, political or otherwise.

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